What Is 3D Projection Mapping?

As a design studio we make motion Graphics and animation using extensive, advance 3D software top produce dynamic 3D effect for all kinds of content Requirements/all kinds of surfaces.

3D projection mapping is extravagant by nature. It is why many large companies and international brands use it for marketing and promotion. It is also ideal for special celebrations like weddings and public events like National days, etc.

The applications of 3D projection mapping are diverse and numerous. No matter your industry or purpose, our immersive content can take your show to new heights.

Creative Factory offers 3D Projection Mapping in India, the UAE and beyond

Organize an event that your guests, customers, and the wider public will remember and talk about long after it is over.

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Make a strong impact on your guests for your next event in the UAE.

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As a full-fledged visual content studio, we provide comprehensive 3D video projection mapping services.

We can create 2D and 3D content for both static and moving surfaces. We can work with complex environments, indoors or outdoors. We do projection mapping on just about any surface: floors, walls, ceilings, domes, and even building facades. Our service covers all the elements necessary for creating a winning show.


Have some great ideas for your upcoming event? Let us know, and we will help you put together just that right kind of immersive content for you. Ideation is crucial for every project we do, therefore out team of visualizer and writer coordinates with the client until we come up with a perfect concept.

And then the next step - Storyboarding process

To let our client, visualize the journey.

Content Production

Here we can never say that we can customize new graphics. You have to do new graphic as if you have a library that can never be original.

Once the pre production work is finalized our team of multi talented animators and designers who all in all have of over 15 years of experience in the industry begin to transform the ideas to life.

A detailed schedule is share with the client with them to see the progress phase wise, till the project is delivered.


Visual displays can make a bigger impact when accompanied with the right sound. Music and audio effects can evoke specific emotions and influence how audiences interpret the content. Have our audio engineers put together unique tracks that complement the video content of your show perfectly.

We have our own audio engineering team, that composes music specifically for each project to compliment the content of the show perfectly. Remove this heading and put the paragraph of surface canvas to beginning of the process paragraph